How to Use Star Patches and Soccer Patches for Positive Reinforcement and As Rewards

When I started coaching I was looking for a way to incentivize my players to come to practice. I was coaching a recreational team and we only had 4 practices before our first game. I realized that it would make a huge difference if I could get all of my players to come to those 4 practices. I was looking for something inexpensive and tried a lot of different things. Finally I found the small one-inch iron-on soccer patches. I paid 55 cents each for them 15 years ago. From the start they really worked. Below are ideas for how to use them as incentives, rewards and for positive reinforcement:

1. Develop a Plan. Think through what you want to encourage and use the patches to incentivize and reward your players. The iron-on patches are used for soccer, baseball, basketball, martial arts, swimming, skating, band, volleyball and other sports. They are also used by schools, churches and clubs.

2. Give them in a Ceremony in Front of the Team and Parents. For the best results, keep in mind the benefits of public praise, competition and group pressure. Everyone loves to be praised in front of a group and it is natural for kids to want to earn something that their teammates have earned. That is why it works best to give the patches out after the game in a ceremony in front of all the players and parents and be sure to PRAISE the players and tell them why they EARNED the patches. This will make them proud and will let the other players know the type of behavior that will EARN a patch.

3. Positive Reinforcement. A positive reinforcement approach gets better results than a negative approach and is a lot more fun for everyone.

4. Visible Symbols. The soccer patches really work to incentivize players and for positive reinforcement. They are a visible symbol.

The Star Patches and Soccer Patches Also Incentivize Other Players Who See the Patches and Want to Earn Them. The patches are an incentive for the behavior you want and when you give a player a patch it is positive reinforcement and a visible symbol that the player has done a good thing and was rewarded. Other players will know how the patches were earned and will want to please the coach and earn patches.

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Playing Sports and Succeeding in Business – Why They Often Go Together

I will admit it right upfront. In business, I tend to be partial to colleagues, associates or partners that have a background in playing sports. Or, at the very least, I tend to gravitate towards them. Why?

Because I believe, based on my own experience and those of so many other people I know, that playing sports and succeeding in business go together. I believe that people who have played sports even at an intermediate level, much less an advanced or professional level, were taught things inherently at a young age that others weren’t. This statement obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. There are tremendous business success stories of people whose sole passion and mission in life was to be successful in business and they eschewed playing sports. But, overall as a general rule, I still believe playing sports at a young age is beneficial in cementing certain personality traits which fuels success in business later in life. After all, most people, unless they’re in the minority, play a sport before they even sell lemonade at a lemonade stand as a kid.

Quick sidebar: when I use the term “playing sports”, I mean people who dedicated some portion of time towards getting better and achieving on a high level. Examples would be: making your high school soccer team; earning a college scholarship; playing a sport professionally; becoming a state champion wrestler. What I’m not referring to is taking beginner tennis lessons one summer; going surfing three times; playing golf once every two years; or shooting baskets in your driveway. You get my drift.

So what exactly is it about playing sports which translates so well to a business career later in life? I’ll give you my top four things. There are more, but I’ll spare you since I could go on and on.

1) Discipline. Discipline is basically an activity, exercise or regimen that develops or improves a skill. To do anything well, in sports, business, life or anything else, you must have discipline. Since most people are exposed to sports at a young age before they’re exposed to anything business-related, sports are the first opportunity for kids to learn discipline. The longer you stick with a sport, and the more you achieve in that sport, the more disciplined you get. Sure, pure talent can take some people pretty far. But every single person I know who has played a sport has learned how to be disciplined. How does discipline learned playing sports translate to business? Through learning how to prepare for meetings. How to jump out of bed for an important conference call or meeting. How to finish jobs and not just start them.

2) Teamwork. This is an easy one. Playing sports and succeeding in business rely on a lot of team work. What’s that famous phrase….”no man is an island unto himself.” Well, when you kick your first soccer ball, or make your first pass on the basketball court, you’re learning teamwork. Teamwork is a loose term people like to throw around pretty easily. To me, it basically means that you know how to function and communicate effectively amongst others. In business, even if you’re a sole proprietor, you likely have customers, partners, or vendors that are all part of your team that you still have to communicate and work with effectively. There’s that example, all the way up to people who work for large corporations. You need to know how to work with other people directly and indirectly, and sports teaches that.

3) Goal-Setting. My favorite one. When people start out playing sports, even at the beginner level, it is because they want to learn that sport. As they progress, and presumably get better and better, the bar rises. Maybe it is to make your Little League team. Then start on your Little League team. Then make the city All-Star squad. Then make your high school team. You get the idea, but sports is really the first thing (other than perhaps making good grades) which teaches kids at an early age how to set goals, improve, work hard towards them, and then set the next goal. In business, those qualities are exactly the same. Most people, if not every single person I know, never finish their business career exactly where they started. They go through a lot of twists and turns, sometimes in the same profession but sometimes in something completely different. In order to navigate success in business through the various twists and turns, it helps to know how to set goals and how to take precise steps to achieve them. Sports teaches that.

4) Competitiveness. Now the first three things I just listed could be named by anyone who got good at something outside of sports and used those qualities to be successful in business. For instance, if you became a world-class musician at a young age, you likely were exposed to numbers one through three above. It is number four – competitiveness – that makes sports so unique when considering its impact on people’s business careers later in life. Because sports is competitive in at least three ways: mental, spiritual and physical. If you learn competitiveness (while maintaining sportsmanship, please) in all three ways, it is extremely beneficial in business. Often, people who succeed in business that have succeeded in sports know how to compete physically; perhaps by controlling what time to go to sleep, when to wake up, how to control energy levels. Also, they know how to compete mentally; perhaps by controlling your temper, knowing how to keep your cool when things get tough, knowing how to outsmart the opponent. Finally, sports and business can both be very spiritual in the sense that if you can envision your own destiny and the steps it takes to get there, it often turns out how you envision. I’m not much into self-fulfilling prophecies, but I do think confidence, focus and vision are all part of spirituality in both sports and business.

So, my conclusion, and I guess where my biases lie, is that playing sports and succeeding in business go hand in hand.

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The Strange Sports Fan – Soccer, Football and Celebrities Screensavers and Wallpapers in 3D

It is almost certain that you know someone like me. The guy that hated all school physical activities, the guy that always finished last every race. Maybe you are a bit like me also. Because of this, I grew up disliking everything about soccer and football. Unlike my friends who knew all about the famous players, the coaches and all the football tactics. In spite of everything, my childhood was a very happy one. After all, the activities related to sports were a small part of my daily living, fortunately.

On the other hand, I was born with the gift of pencil drawing very nicely. My friends, the sports fans, came to me for help with the art lessons. So a few years a go I came across Blender3d a free open source software that assists you in drawing 3D pictures and making 3D animations. There are lots of Blender3d movies out there on the net for you to watch.

After mastering the basics in 3D drawing and 3D animation a BRILLIANT IDEA occurred to me: Now I have the perfect tool to MAKE PEACE with sports.

I began to draw the most famous soccer and football teams logos in 3D. Then I started to make simple animations of these 3D logos with different camera movements and with different scenarios. Also, transforming 2D pictures of sports celebrities like players and coaches, created a challenge to me, but it come out not so bad. The next step was to publish my work on Youtube, witch I did.

Without realizing it, I had become a SPORTS FAN in my own way.

Two years ago I learned how to turn my 3D animations into Sports and Celebrities screensavers, wallpapers and desktop calendars in 3D. So this was my short story to you. Remember that … Sometimes our weakest points can lead us to positive outcomes.

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Photographer Sol Neelman Loves Weird Sports and Sharing Them With Us

If you thought you’d seen everything, you probably have not seen the photos from photographer Sol Neelman who travels the globe in search of the world’s strangest competitions. There are many weird sports out there that you may never have dreamed existed and now, thanks to Neelman, you can learn more about them through photos.

Here are 10 of the most unusual and exciting weird sports Neelman has to share:

The Kaiju Big Battel is a mix between Japanese anime and professional wrestling that shows off the participants skills in a very humorous way.

Have you ever heard of Underwater Hockey? It’s sometimes called “octopush” and instead of pushing the puck around an ice-rink, players are pushing it around on the floor of a pool.

When you combine gymnastics, capoeira and soccer to the sport of volleyball, you get Bossaball equipped with trampolines on both ends of the playing court.

Snow Polo is an amazing game similar to the traditional Polo but players are on top of horses in a snow-covered arena. The horses wear special shoes to help with traction.

The Pillow Fight League really puts on a show when these women gather together, go wild and fight each other with pillows. What an interesting way to cut loose and let out some anger.

Surfing is not just for humans anymore. Both small and large dogs are getting in on some of the action when they go Dog Surfing. In this sport, the dogs surf alone or with their owners and it’s one heck of a sport.

One of the “Arctic Winter Games” includes an event called Pole Push in which two teams grab hold of the opposite end of a pole and each team tries to push the other team to the outside of the ring.

Vancouver holds an unusual competition called the Ultimate Firefighter Competition in which the participants compete in a variety of events to see who is the best and fastest.

Soccer is an amazing game that’s fun to play or watch but here’s something I bet you never thought you’d see. Blind Soccer is one exciting and powerful game that is played by four blind athletes and a goalkeeper who is visually impaired or sighted competing in a game of soccer in a field that has a wall around it.

Racing in a kayak is exciting but when the kayak is make from a giant pumpkin that can weigh as much as 800 pounds, a whole new sport is born called the Giant Pumpkin Kayaking and it’s one exciting race.

These are just a few of the amazing pictures that photographer Sol Neelman has to share when it comes to weird or unusual sports. His photography is amazing and the sports themselves are intriguing. I can’t wait to see more.

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